Old World Brand Custards ? (FA, INW, JF, etc) ft. KittyBit [ Noted: Ep. 125 ]

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Flavor NameNotes%Time
EuroFlavors Tobacco Vanilla Custard Not a tobacco, dirty vanilla, light creamy undertone, but no custard notes. And a slight plastic note610
Vape Cake Vanilla Custard Burnt plastic13
EuroFlavors Vanilla Custard Vanilla candy, like a vanilla pudding flavored lollipop. With a hairspray off note in it615
Vape Cake Custard Pie A ton of butter, no pie and burnt plastic17
Vape Cake Banana Custard No eggyness, no custard, more like a banana marshmallow18
Chef’s Flavors Spotted Dick and Custard Barely any bready bakery notes, but a ton of musty dried rasins. The vanilla is good, and has a buttery rich feel but mostly just raisins 20 20
Nice’s Custard Cream Not a custard, it’s a cookie sandwhich 26
Chef’s Flavors Jam Rolly Poly and Custard Very distinctly jammy, tastes like a strawberry/grape mix, with a really yummy yellow cake flavor next. Some vanilla that is rich and thick and a little bit buttery. No separation between the cake and the custard elements. 31
MB Induldge Supposed to be raspberry but it is perfumey, not thick or rich custard 35
MB Attitude Muddled heavy cream 36
MB Chocolate Custard Like dry coco on top of a sweet dairy cream 37
SA Banana Custard Laffy taffy flavored pudding 437
SA Crème Anglaise No custard just milk, very smooth and very sweet 39
MB Legendary Custard Like a nutmeg anise hybrid 40
MB Custard Anise, airy, thin and boring 642
FA Custard Like a lemon curd 45
SA Vanilla Custard Rich and buttery, not a whole lot of vanilla or egg. But very rich and buttery 46
DV Crème Anglaise Looser than a custard, light and eggy 5-1048
DV Lemony Custard The lemon taste is very zesty and sweet 50
Chef’s Flavors Welsh Custard **Warning for Pepper Tasters – there can be a pepper note to this one** super rich, very sweet, creamy thick 2053
FA Custard Premium Too buttery. Very rich, thick, buttery, requires a steep 2-356
INW Custard Such a versatile custard, works great when mixed with FA Custard Premium. 1-358

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