A very simple, very fun and delicious Mango Cantaloupe mix. Feel free to tweak Cantaloupe to fit your desired mango output.


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FA Costarica Special (mango)     3%FA Melon Cantaloupe     1.5%

Total Flavor: 5%

As I was making this recipe for the FA Mango FlavorBook entry, I wanted to ensure I made something that packed a ton of flavor, that was vibrant and saturated, and was also really simple. This recipe touches all those points. If you’re a fan of mango, or tropicals, make sure to check this extremely easy to make, 2 ingredient recipe out.

Flavor Notes

FA Mango: This recipe is a great showcase at how this flavoring provides a lot of flavor on its own. I’m only pairing it with one ingredient, because it doesn’t need much help. I’m mixing it here at its upper 3% range, which provides that deliciously long finish. And the sweetness is boosted by the sweetener, providing a very succulent vape. 

FA Cantaloupe: I love pairing cantaloupes with mangoes. It provides a bigger boost to that long finish, and just allows a more full experience. Here is no exception. FA Cantaloupe is a bit more potent than others, so using it at 1.5% is necessary. In fact, if you want more mango, drop this down to 0.5 – 1%. Overall, the cantaloupe is just an accent that helps showcase the great mango. 

Recipe Notes

This recipe is shake and vape certified. No need to wait for a steep, as the recipe is pretty much ready to go right after you mix it. I will say, some enjoy FA Mango much more after sitting a few days. So feel free to experiment with steep times. I also will say that the sweetener may not be necessary. The profile is already lightly sweet. I just find a little more never hurts. If you have any suggestions, or you use this recipe as a base layer in your own recipes, let me know down in the comments.


  1. Great mix, cantaloupe was a bit strong for me so i added 5 drops of Tfa banana cream to 30 ml and all i can say is wow. Thanks.

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