Custards ? (New World) ft. Fresh03 [ Noted: Ep. 124 ]

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Flavor Name Notes %Time
TastyPuff Apple Cinnamon CustardSour apple cinnamon candy, on top of a light buttery cream base that does not fit at all. Its just wrong608
PUR Vanilla CustardSmooth, thick, sweet, nice warm forward vanilla. However, after steeping for two weeks its very vomit forward411
WF FlanNot a flan, a touch of barfiness in it, more of a vanilla caramel cream313
OOO CustardThere is a yougurty sourness to it. Not particularly sweet, its buttery, almost as if you melted butter and stirred it up in some yogurt.315
FW Vanilla Custard“chalky electric vanilla”317
DL CustardNot really a custard, more fluffy than thick, has a very bright vanilla. Like a vanilla marshmallow with a spice note attached to it.519
FLV CustardVer meh. Dried buttermilk powder, thin and dry.1 – 3 20
CAP Vanilla Custard V2A little drier, very useable flavor, steep for a month.4 – 5 22
OOO Vanilla CustardNo gross or off notes from it, but it is not a custard, it’s a lot more like vanilla whipped cream. Its light and fluffy and bright327
WF Mille FeuillesA really nice flavor, but its more of a pastry. A very sweet non-descript bakery flavor, but there is NO CUSTARD notes at all. Like vanilla frosting in between layers of cake dough1 – 2 28
WF Coconut CustardA wonderful coconut cream flavor, however not a custard1 – 331
WF Flapper PieThe meringue note is amazing, the custard is missing but there is def a present bakery note there. Very versatile.333
OOO Vanilla Custard CheesecakeSuch a good cream cheese frosting flavor, it is thick and rich but not eggy or buttery1-237
WF Almond CustardTrue almond flavor, slight “funk” to it240
DIYORDIE Kings CustardA one shot from LB does need a bit of a steep. Real rich and heavy, good butteriness to it. Eggy like custard1244
WF Ruyan CustardNot a particularly eggy custard, nice and creamy thick and full. Has that savory tobacco note.348
FLV Vanilla CustardTakes about 2 days to steep. It’s got a bright vanilla to it.1-450
TFA Vanilla CustardHas such a great vanilla note, buttery. Very versatile. Sweet, not invasive won’t take over a recipe on you. If you are a “pepper taster” you will have a problem with this flavor455
CAP Vanilla CustardReally good. Dark vanilla, so rich, buttery, eggy, works in so many different things. Can be used low or high anywhere from 1-15%1 – 1558
TFA Vanilla Custard IINew, it’s a French vanilla, very deeply full and saturated, very sweet, eggy, warm feel to it. No barfy tones or a sign of sourness to the flavor.4 – 660

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