Vape Shops Left Alone? // DIY’s Biggest Problem

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Conway is Confused

So in the first part of the video, I discuss a very interesting conversation Kellyanne Conway had with reporters this morning regarding vaping. Essentially, Conway ended up saying there is a difference between e-cigs and vaping, and that the FDA had no jurisdiction over Vape shops. I know, shocking. This then turned into an article by Bloomberg. But ultimately, what most people take it as, she is speaking strictly about non-nicotine vapor products. Like CBD/THC vapor devices. We already know the FDA doesn’t have jurisdiction over these products under the FDA. So in the end, it was a big clusterfuck of hope and disappointment.

The Biggest Issue in DIY

The last section, I touch briefly on what I think is the biggest problem facing the DIY community. It’s the fact that a lot of new mixers aren’t finding their ADV’s. This ends up being a huge issue because it sows a lot of doubt in the mixers confidence. This also could lead to them quitting the hobby and heading back to smoking. But at the end of the day, cloning e-liquids or trying to mix your favorite companies juice is very difficult – maybe the most difficult thing you can do in mixing. But in the end, the result is also the most rewarding thing you can do in mixing. And it’s ultimately worth all the hard work.

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