Chocolate Cake ? ft. Alfred Pudding [ Noted: Ep. 123 ]

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Flavor Names Notes Time 
TFA Red Velvet Cake Has a ton of cheesy buttery flavor mixed with barf 06 
HC Chocolate Cake Has a weird sour tangy fruity sweetness to it along with a lot of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate note is nice but the sour note is what hurts this flavor, along with the random fruit flavor 1-3 12 
WF Smores Cupcake More of a rubbery chocolate note. The toasted marshmallows are great and the grain note is on point but the chocolate note is messed up on it  15 
FLV Red Velvet Really good and blended and mellow, a nice subtle chocolatey flavor and a great grainy cake 1.5-3 19 
OSDIY Choco Yum Cake Slightly medicinal quality like a cherry right in the middle of the vape. Like hiding cherry medicine in the middle of a chocolate cake. 23 
Sterling Cloud Flavors Chocolate Cake Has a really nice chocolate note to it, has some sweetness, and has a fruity type of sweetness and also a little bit of funk mixed in  26 
LB Lava Cake **New and reformulated** has a slight tootsie roll quality to it but easily covered up. A light really fluffy chocolate cake, like a chocolate angel food cake. 29 
FW Creamy Chocolate Cake A little thin, a little dry, a little light on the chocolate, tastes more like a waxy chocolate frosting. There is no separation between cake and frosting  37 
FLV Chocolate Deutch Such a good flavor but you have to like coconut to really enjoy the flavor. 42 
MB Creamy Cake Has a great creamy chocolate note.  45 

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