OMB Rumored to Approve National Flavor Ban Tomorrow

Rumor has it, the White House and the FDA are set to announce their flavor guidance for the industry tomorrow that will effectively remove all flavored vapor products from the market. Some think this will only affect establishments without clear age restrictions, some think it will encompass a full on ban. Either way, the May 2020 deadline for PMTA is right around the corner, and will effectively do the same thing.

What does this mean for you? Well, nothing initially. This is a process, and a lot of steps would still need to be put in place to effectively ban all flavored vapor products from the market. This isn’t accounting for the lawsuits that will pop up as a result. This doesn’t mean much for DIY either. Nicotine base is unflavored, and would not be subject to a flavor ban – but we don’t have the full guidance yet. So anything can happen. Make sure to bookmark DIYorDIE to stay updated on all the regulatory actions ahead.

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