The 5 Reasons You Haven’t Started Mixing Yet EXPOSED

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There are a million and one reasons to not do something. We weigh those points against the reasons why you should do something, and make a calculated risk. With DIY e-liquid mixing, there is very, very little downside, to massive amount of upside, with very limited risk. It always baffled me to see so many people actively denying to make their own e-liquid. It doesn’t happen with cooking or cocktails – everyone learns how to do that. But when it comes to the one product they use almost all day, every day…they still rather purchase it from a shop. So in this article, I want to take the main reasons why I hear people don’t get started, and put them to rest. 

I’m lazy / It’s a lot of work

I think the number one reason most people don’t start mixing is because of the initial learning curve. Most vapers often think a wealth of knowledge is needed, thousands of hours of research, and novels of notes to read. This is simply not the case. Not even close. A lot of DIYer’s end up going down the advanced route, which ends up becoming much more intensive. But the majority do not. The majority just mix a few of their favorite recipes, stay stocked with inventory and that’s it. This means, the only amount of knowledge they need to know is the recipe (which there are literally hundreds of thousands), and the process (which only involves using an online calculator & pouring liquid into a bottle). A lot of the people who claim mixing is so tough, are the same ones making fused clapton dragon wraps, and soldering their own mosfets on mods – a process that is undeniably more intensive. So don’t let the learning curve scare you. It’s as easy as you want to make it, and now with One-Shots – it’s never been easier

It takes too much time / I don’t have enough time

In addition to the learning curve, some might be scared off from the amount of time it takes to mix. Some thinking its this laborious process of clearing out a lab, organizing your ingredients, measuring ingredients with syringes, using beakers, using obscure steeping methods, and then an intense cleanup after. This also doesn’t take into account the time it takes to develop a recipe on paper. Nothing could more false. If you have a scale and know how to use a calculator, mixing an entire weeks supply of e-liquid could take no more than 5 minutes, cleanup included. I don’t know how else to put it. You’re literally dripping flavorings into a bottle. That’s all. 

It’s too expensive / I don’t have the money

This is another main reason people don’t get started – and it’s the start up cost. Now, if you’re starting fresh and you’re ordering enough to make a recipe you find interesting, you can spend around $50. I understand if that’s a lot of money, especially for those who only have a limited set of funds put away every week for their vaping habit. But in the grand scheme of things, the amount of liquid you can make with that same $50, may be up to 5x more than what you’d get commercially for that money. It’s that efficient. A 125ml of 100mg/ml nicotine base, which only costs $16, will last you multiple months, of mixing everyday. Your batch of flavorings, which may cost up to $20, can mix you hundreds and hundreds of e-liquid. And that’s less than the price of one e-liquid. You don’t even need to go that route. Buy one of my One-Shots for $15 which can mix you around 600ml, and some Base liquid, and you’re saving even more money. Overall, if cost saving is your priority, than you’re doing it wrong by not mixing. It’s insanely cheap. 

I suck at cookie / I have no palate / I won’t be good at it

This is an odd one but I see it often. I think what people fail to realize is that there is an entire community of great mixers, who are all doing the work for you, for free. There is no need to go down the route of development. You have mixers posting new, delicious, innovative recipes and flavor notes, every single day. You don’t need to worry about your palate, there are thousands of simple recipes that you can enjoy. If you’re looking for a recipe of a popular commercial e-liquid, there’s a good chance there’s already a recipe out there for it (popular liquids, not unknown small brand ones). No need to worry about taking notes, or none of that nonsense, we all do it for you. All you need to do is learn how to pour the ingredients into a bottle, and you’ll do just fine. 

It’s dangerous / I have kids

The last one is a bit more serious and easier to understand. I see this a lot, some vapers get upset because they want to learn how to make e-liquid, but are scared to have high milligram nicotine base in their house. They are either too scared to work with it themselves, or afraid of their children maybe getting into it. I understand this, and there is at least one case of a child who died from ingesting nicotine base. It’s a bit worrying. But I also know plenty of mothers who make their own e-liquids. As long as your nicotine is stored away in a place your children can’t get to, you shouldn’t have any issues with this. There are lock chests you can purchase if you’re extremely worried. But I also want to point out, as long as you’re aware of the risks and are paying attention while you mix, there is almost nothing to worry about. The amount of nicotine that is fatal is around 500 – 1000mg, or 5 – 10ml of 100mg/ml base. That means you’d need to be covered in nicotine base long enough for it to seep into your bloodstream, for it to be fatal. Or you’d need to actively drink 5-10ml of an extremely odorous and extremely unpleasant base. Yes, accidents can happen – but there is much more risk associated with products we use all the time. Just make sure you’re paying attention and not pouring nicotine base all over yourself, and you should be ok. 

So those are the reasons why you might not want to mix. I do want to state, I completely understand each and every point. Mixing is certainly not for everyone. But it’s also far more easy, far more cheap, and far less dangerous than you probably think. Like I mentioned in the beginning, if we weigh the risks against the benefits, the data is clear. Mixing is the most efficient way to consume your vapor products. It’s just up to you to put those excuses behind if you’re ready to make that leap into this fun journey. Unfortunately now a days, some might not have a choice, and mixing may be your only option. So it’s always best to learn. 

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