Sponge & Fluffy CAKE ft. Fresh03 ? [ Noted: Ep. 122 ]

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Flavor Name Notes Time 
HC Cake Astoundingly bad for something called cake, tastes like a rotten pecan 08 
Chem Novatic Sponge Cake Way too much fake movie theater butter, pretty over bearing and ruins the flavor. Otherwise it’s a pretty eggy sponge cake but is ruined by the butter note. 3-4 11 
FA Nona’s Cake Its sweet anise flavor, the lemon is super strong. Some cakey texture to it and really thick after a steep but very anise flavored 2-3 14 
FA Labyrinth The lemon and anise are dialed way back, has a nice vanilla note, a nice berry note, has Nona’s cake in it. Has a caramel note, very busy flavor 17 
Baker’s Flavors Vanilla Sponge Cake Tastes like a sweet dark vanilla extract heavy bakery. Slight sourness to it. Like a bad or spoiled whipped cream 20 
FA Metaphor Very hard on the citrus note, there is the density and vanilla associated with Pandoro but buried by some god-awful Citrus note. 3-4 25 
FW Creamy Sponge Cake Its an awesome Twinkie Filling. Its like a poor man’s Vape Train Sweet Cream. About 80% cream 20% cake. The cake shows up well after a steep. 4-6 29 
OOO Golden Sponge Cake Has so much Ethyl Maltol in it that it has Cotton Candy off notes. You can taste the dense crispy fried edges of the cake on this flavor here. 2.5-4 32 
FW White Cake Soft and light, some grainy texture, some vanilla frosting. Very light, not a whole lot of body, def needs help in that department. Very similar to FW Birthday Cake 2-3 34 
WF Angel Cake It is one step away from being perfect. Nice bright vanilla throughout and a very fluffy cake. 1-3 37 
WF Fluffy White Cake You can almost feel the fluffiness on your tongue from this one. Also has a great thin layer of vanilla frosting on it. 1-3 40 
WF Princess Cake There’s some cake, some spices, some fruity sweetness. Layers of cream. Almond flavor, very deep and complex flavor. 2-3 43 
PUR Simply Cake Almost like FW Yellow Cake, but its just cake and you can build whatever you want from it. It tastes like a hunk of store bought plain white cake with a thin layer of butter cream frosting. Slightly undercooked 46 
MB Creamy Cake Def creamy, the cake element is lacking but the creamy element is on point. Almost as a gnash but not as sweet as one. 3-4 49 
MB Cactus Cupcake Slight cake-ness from it but mostly cactus 51 

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