Reviewing Classic DIY Recipes

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In this video I take a look at some classic recipes – and see if these recipes, in their current form, would still hold up today. All of the recipes are from 2015 and before, and were mixed with 60VG 40PG, with 1mg of nicotine. Everything else about the recipes have remained exactly as it did when it was first conceived. They were, however, vaped in a new “modern” RDA (the Citadel from Psyclone). I wanted to see if modern RDA’s would do older recipes justice, since they didn’t quite exist back then. Nonetheless, I was very pleased with all the recipes, and I think most people will still be happy with their quality today.

Recipe Links

Nana Cream – Fizzmustard

Bronuts – Enyawreklaw

Halo Tribeca Clone – tsantos8

Bustanut – Alisa

Addys Yogurt – freshepies

Jacksters Revised Cereal Killa

Sucker Punch Clone by Robin

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