Vaping helps more than 50,000 quit smoking in ONE YEAR

As we all know vaping has helped many of us remove ourselves from tobacco, many like myself immediately, and enjoy a smokefree future. It becomes very frustrating when politicians say there isn’t enough research to prove this, and they end up just brushing it off. Well, last week, we got ourselves another study to prove these officials wrong.

Researchers funded by Cancer Research UK have pointed out that more than 50,000 smokers have quit each year since switching to vapes. This is incredible news, and not only are the health benefits, just from this alone, are great. But the economic benefits and environment benefits as well. 

The study concludes:

“Changes in prevalence of e-cigarette use in England have been positively associated with the overall quit rates and quit success rates but not clearly associated with the prevalence of quit attempts and mean cigarette consumption.”

This essentially means their findings are that, of smokers, those who try to quit and stay away from tobacco, have went up since vaping. But there doesn’t seem to be any association with more people attempting to quit – or the amount of cigarettes consumed – with vaping available. I imagine the fake news, and terrible PR being spread by health officials doesn’t help the latter.

Overall, the truth is clear. Using vaping to quit smoking is one of the best methods to quit, and stay quit. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir though!

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