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Bottl-em up

In the video above I talk about some new bottles I have found on Amazon, which are LDPE 30ml twist top dropper bottles, for a really low price. Only $12 for 30 30ml bottles – I stock up on 3 cases at a time usually, and this should last a couple months.

Click here for the link to the bottles (affiliate)

In the second half of the video I talk about One On One Chocolate Milk. I’ve been hunting for this specific chocolate for a while, and there have been a few times where I actually thought I did find this very flavor. Well, alas, I think now is actually the time I’ve found it. This same chocolate used in Ninja Man and Golden Ticket e-liquid.

Well, with this chocolate (Flavorbook entry coming soon) I can now mix up some delicious chocolate milk recipes. The recipe I mix up in this video is as follows

This recipe is surprisingly delicious for how simple it is. The chocolate flavoring does most of the work. Bringing much of the top note, as well as the finish. The chocolate is a bit darker & velvety, but also milky. This lines up perfectly with FW Yogurt, where I use this ingredient to thicken everything up. Finally a touch of marshmallow for some extra fluff, and then topped with 1% of Super Sweet. This sweetener is a necessary flavoring, as it allows the chocolate to really stick to the palate. Mix up this recipe and let me know what you think down in the comments!


  1. Man, I just mixed this up, and it’s smells soo good! I use one on one chocolate milk in my own chocolate milk, but at a much lower percentage. Yours is definitely more on-point, though. I know how long you’ve been chasing this profile, so nice work man!

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