Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Mixing…

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Oh, Brother!

In the video above, I discuss many of the things YOU told me were things you wish you knew before you started mixing, that you know now. This includes things like only using a scale, and not bothering with syringes. Not mixing up more than 10ml of things you haven’t mixed before. And understanding the amount of reward vs the amount of work compared to making good recipes. Check out the full video, and if you have any more, leave them down below.

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  1. That thing is called a graduated cylinder. You have to get it to eye level and make the ellipse at the top into a flat line. It is the tool chemists use to measure volume because if you know how it should be read it is very accurate and easy to pour into a flask or beaker. A flask narrows at the top and a beaker has a wide top and straight sides. I’m thinking of using some test tubes I have to test small variations

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