Beginner Q&A pt. 1

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Let’er Rip…

The video above is a condensed and edited version of this live stream, which took place last week. This stream was dedicated solely to answering questions from many of the new vapers who decided now is a great time to start mixing. Below is a simple outline of the questions asked and answered

  1. Difference between cheap and good VG/PG
    • I personally believe the VG/PG at Amazon, for instance, is a bit lesser quality than the VG/PG at LiquidBarn. This might be due to the quality of VG/PG, or how its kept. Nonetheless, I had bad experiences with Essential Depot VG. You want good VG/PG as it will only allow your flavorings to stand out more, and taste more vibrant, while not dealing with muting or flavor overcast.
  2. “Let’s say I have a strawberry I like at 6%. And later I want to make a Strawberry Custard. Do I lower the 6%, to make room for custard? Or do I build custard on top of the 6%”
    • This is a great question. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find concentrations. While you may like that strawberry at 6%, you still may need to tweak its % when building it into a recipe, or pairing it up with other flavors. This is mainly because the chemicals in the flavoring will react much different when next to many of the other chemicals in the other ingredients. So, you can start at 6%, but 9 times out of 10, you will end up having to tweak its percentage, add flavorings to it, or find a different strawberry altogether.
  3. “Been trying Citric acid for the first time in a fruit mix. What would be a good starting percentage?”
    • Citric acid, as a solo, undiluted ingredient, may cause more issues than it solves. There is Citric in CAP Super Sweet, however. And that may be the best way to use it, since from my testing, it greatly enhances fruits (along with the sucralose of course). If you don’t want sucralose, but do want citric acid, start very, very low. And also, make sure its diluted before using.
  4. Do you let your e-liquids breathe? Does it help your flavor or not?”
    • I do not personally let my flavorings breathe. The only time you should let them breathe is if there is ethyl alcohol in your ingredients, and its causing issue.
  5. “How many different flavorings should I put in my first mix?”
    • I do not recommend your first mix should be from scratch. You should find someones recipe, and mix that, learn from it, tweak that recipe later to fit a profile that suits your better, then keep doing that until you have a large knowledge base of how to mix and your flavorings. There are many recipes here on this site to choose from.
  6. What’s the difference between One-Shots and Flavorings?
    • Technically, there isn’t much of a difference. But practically, there is. Flavorings are usually used to build recipes. Mainly because they’re usually just one-profile flavorings (not always though). One-Shots are fully developed recipes, that uses a bunch of flavorings to create. Some one-shots though, like my ENYAWREKLAW LAYER SHOTS, are complete recipe layers, and are meant to be mixed with other ingredients. They are half one-shot, half flavoring.
  7. “When’s the max time we can keep an unopened bottle of nic in the fridge/freezer?”
    • It should be able to keep many years. As long as its in glass, sealed, and in a fridge/freezer that has absolutely no fluctuation in temperature the entire time of storage.

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