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In this VaporAlert video, I discuss some interesting developments surrounding the recent bans. The first part of the video I discuss a terrible anti-vape article, written by Emily Baumgaertner for the LA Times. This article is filled with a strong anti-nicotine bias, a disgust for the industry, it pokes fun at Vape-A-Vet, a small group filled with ex-smokers who aim to help vets get off of traditional cigarettes, it twists the narrative around the initial FDA’s reluctance to ban flavored e-liquids as well as the OMB meetings, and overall might be one of the worst anti articles I’ve seen on the industry.

I then talk about some good news, where congressman hopeful Sal Caiozzo of Rhode Island, calls out Gina Raimondo for her recent bans. Sal writes up a press release which states Raimondo is operating only out of profit for the state’s government, as well as her own pockets. In Caiozzo’s release

“…a case can be made that the recent ban was politically motivated, if not quid pro quo”

Sal Caiozzo

This had me jumping for joy, for two reasons. The first being that finally a politician is calling out another politicians clear violation of trust to its constituents. Once the truth behind all of this comes out, these politicians will be seen as lepers, and those calling them out, like Sal, will be praised for their insight into this corruption. But the other aspect I’m happy about is that our message, the message of corruption, #MSABLOODMONEY, and our innovations in health, are finally spreading outwards from our echochamber. More media is also picking up on the great story here, which is excellent.

Lastly, I touch upon Matt from Suck My Mod’s recent tweet that shows only 11% of those surveyed thought vaping was a safer alternative to cigarettes.

I agree with Matt. This is truly a failure of our public health system and its officials. Of course, most of the public will think Vaping is less harmful. They’ve been told its nothing but the devil itself, ever since the technology existed. But I’m hopeful. Like marijuana, this lie that our officials are perpetrating, will only make people praise it more, once the truth has finally set in.

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