Old World Brand Strawberries ft. KittyBit [ Noted: Ep. 115 ]

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Flavor Notes

Flavor Name Notes Time 
INW Strawberry Kiss waxy 09 
MB Wild Strawberry Perfume and terrible 3-5 11 
INW Milk Chocolate Strawberry It has the new reformulated bad chocolate from INW so its really bad, the strawberry is ok but the chocolate is to bad to get past  13 
INW Strawberry Has a lemon note and it and a slight plastic note on the edge. <2 15 
INW Wild Strawberry Like the entire strawberry garden at once, the stem the weeds, the soil. Slightly floral, darker strawberry almost like a blackberry/strawberry combo  19 
Chef’s Choice Strawberry Jam Jammy strawberry and kind of plain and boring. Very full but kind of dull. Would be really good at filling out the jammy base of a strawberry jam, not super flavorful  22 
JF Pink Burst Tastes like a pink starburst, tart sweet, thick tangy body. Could use a little more strawberry to punch up that candy strawberry flavor. Is slightly harsh  25 
JF Shisha Strawberry Kiwi Almost like a juice, not fresh straw/kiwi but bright and sweet. Artificial yet wanting to be fresh  27 
MB Boom! Mediocre strawberry note, strong candy watermelon that is very bright, bold and sweet in your face >4 29 
MB Sweet Strawberry Lacking on the strawberry flavor but has a high jammy maltol flavor with a washed out strawberry ripe taste >4 32 
MB Strawberry Milk On point and works as a shake and vape >4 35 
FA Passo Jack Extremely bold, very sweet, just like those strawberry candy with the “goo” inside. Feels a little dry by the sweetness. Needs a steep to really taste right  39 
FA Red Touch (Strawberry) Fairly weak for FA, tastes very natural, but its un-naturally dry. Great to add to another strawberry 3-4 43 
FA Juicy Strawberry Not “that” juicy, very deep and a very well-rounded strawberry flavor 47 
Flavor Monks Sweet Betsy Strawberry Disgustingly sweet, but tastes good, very candy like and well rounded with no weird off notes 5-6 52 
JF Strawberry Harvest Artificial candy strawberry, bright red smooth strawberry sucker at the top, with a lingering jammy sweetness at the base 58 
JF Sweet Strawberry The goo in the middle of those strawberry hard candies. Bold & sweet and gooey. 3-4 60 
INW Shisha Strawberry A strawberry syrup, so thick and good. Very smooth, no throat hit. Very vivid 64 

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