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Above is a quick video where I update you on the Masterclass. This is a massive undertaking that has taken up a lot of my time and I wanted to update you a bit on the process. I also ask that you, the viewer, post any ideas, chapters, or segments you feel should be covered in the Masterclass. I want to make sure that I cover EVERY aspect of DIY E-liquid Mixing, so I’m asking the audience to submit anything they think of just in case I miss something. If you do have some ideas, feel free to leave them down below here in the comments. Also, I will be contacting some mixers who I feel have had some type of impact in mixing. Whether it’s a great utilization of a flavor, or a great utilization of a technique, or a groundbreaking recipe, I want to make sure the Masterclass reflects the history of mixing correctly. So be on the lookout for emails if you are a prominent mixer in the community. Anyways, leave those comments below!

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