Mango Peach Soda – DIY E-liquid Recipe

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Mango Peach Soda


This is a bright and natural mango paired with yellow peach, infused into a lemon lime soda Inspired by Staybert - Citrasperry Soda


CAP Lemon Lime     1.5%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%CAP Sweet Mango     2%CAP Yellow Peach     3%FLV Citrus Soda     1.5%FA Costarica Special (mango)     2.5%OTHR WS-23     0.25%

Total Flavor: 11.25%

This recipe was inspired by Staybert’s Citraspberry Soda. It’s a great recipe that utilizes FLV Citrus Soda, WS-23, and a few other ingredients to make a deliciously refreshing berry soda mix. I wanted to take that soda base and infuse it with my favorite fruit pairing, mango and peach. This is the result.

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