RY4 Classic Cracker – DIY E-liquid Recipe

RY4 Classic Cracker


A classic RY4 recipe with Graham Cracker, Honey, and Vanilla notes. Simple. Luxurious.


FW Graham Cracker     0.5%FW Sweetener     0.5%FA Butterscotch     1%FA Carmel (caramel)     1%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     4%TPA Ry4 Double     4%

Total Flavor: 11%

I was recently craving a thick, bakery-laden, caramel heavy RY4. So I decided to work one out that was very simple, but packed a ton of flavor, all while trying to remind of the earlier RY4 days. This is the recipe that I came up with. I recommend you mix it up around 60/40 and you steep it for at least a week. The longer the steep, the better. 

Flavor Notes

TFA RY4 Double: I decided to run with the classic TFA RY4 Double in this recipe. I could’ve chose JF Ry4 or Holy RY4, but I wanted to keep that classic ry4 sweetness and thickness that comes with TFA’s. Im also using it at 4%, which will pack a big amount of flavor, without bringing too much that astringent note it can sometimes carry. 

TFA Graham Cracker Clear: Again, keeping with the theme of classicism, I went with the standard Graham clear. To me, this flavoring, when paired with RY4 Double, brings the ry4 a much needed boost in its thickness and vibrancy. It just helps fill out the recipe a bit more without distracting from that delicious caramel note. I also like how it brings a touch of vanilla. I’m at 4% here, which is higher than normally, because I need all its flavor, and I want as much vanilla as possible.

FW Graham Cracker: This is one of the recipe’s secrets. To me, FW Graham Cracker is even more of a non-descript bakery than TFA’s, mainly because there’s a lot less sweetness, but a bit more “crunch” and body. I’m adding it in here to fill out that body, EVEN MORE. This will create somewhat of a luscious exhale, which is what I crave. I’m only using 0.5% because it can get a bit charred. 

FA Caramel / FA Butterscotch: Finally, I’m adding in my tried and true caramel/butterscotch blend. This will add all those brighter caramel notes that come forward right on the nose. It also adds that much needed sweetness and stickiness that helps that full robust body seem more luxurious. Both here are at 1%. 

Note: I’m currently using FW Sweetener in this recipe to sweeten it. I’m not using CAP Super Sweet because I don’t want to introduce any Citric Acid.

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  1. I find RY4 double a little chemically. Much prefer Hansen RY1. I used it in your Pistachio and it much improved it. Gave it that smoothness that the original Charlie Noble has. I’ll use it for this recipe to.

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