Cookies – DIY E-liquid Tips & Recipes

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Top Cookies

FA Cookie – A great simple baked cookie that packs the most texture and “grit” out of any of the other options.

FLV Cookie – The most accurate cookie out of the bunch, with its flavor leaning towards the warm, baked, chocolate cookie variety.

WF Oats & Cream / Chocolate Cookie Crust – These are two great cookie flavorings that aren’t very accurate, but can provide a great base for cookie recipes.

MB Cookie Bite – An excellent base for a chocolate cookie…not a chocolate chip cookie, but a chocolate one.

CAP Sugar Cookie – The standard. A delicious warm sugar cookie, with a light amount of fine white sugar texture. Used in so many recipes.

TFA Oatmeal Cookie – A good start for building an oatmeal cookie. Some absolutely hate it, but I think it provides a damn good start.

Cookie Enhancers

JF / INW Biscuit – Excellent for adding a light buttery bakery flavor to your cookies.

TFA Graham Cracker Clear – Perfect for adding a touch more depth and deepness to your cookies.

FW Yellow Cake – Perfect for adding another layer of cakey body to your cookies, like Sugar Cookies

Almond Vanilla Cookie

CAPSugar Cookie 2.5%
FAPremium Custard1.5%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

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