Pineapple Peach Mango by Norcalvapin

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Tropical Fruity

This recipe by Norcalvapin is damn tasty! I’ve been on a mango/pineapple kick lately, so once I saw this recipe I had to give it a mix. And I’m happy I did. Utilizing CAP Sweet Mango, one of my favorite mangoes, adds a nice sweet juicy mango flavor to the mix that resides in the body, but it’s also paired up with that more reduced FLV Pineapple flavor. A candied peach comes in to add some extra sweetness, but the secret weapon is PUR Country Apple. Which adds a sweet level of depth to the entire mix that makes you want to keep coming back. I did not mix with mint, but of course feel free if you want a more refreshing fruit.


  1. Looks good. Wayne Is there any suitable sub for the Pur Country apple. I can not get it here very easily at all. Maybe TPA apple juice or double apple? Thanks

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