Pimms O’Clock by FuriousMixer


FuriousMixer attempted to create a recipe based off a Pimms beverage, which is a fruity and citrus gin type cocktail. With this version, removing the alcohol note (though, as he mentions, adding FLV Brut Wine in place of CAP Sweet Guava will add some of that booziness back in). I thoroughly enjoyed this mix. It’s certainly complex in nature, with its more floral/vegetal notes popping out more towards the front – but with its more fruit notes dominating its body. The cucumber is certainly a bit forward, but is bent in a more melon way with Cactus blending into it followed by its sharp zest of lime. And then the rest of the vape is a blend of juicy strawberry and pink berry. Definitely pleased with the flavor, and if you’re looking for a cocktail vape that doesn’t involve any sort of alcohol notes, this might be one you’ll enjoy.


  1. Hey Wayne, glad you enjoyed my Pimms recipe. Thank you for giving it a mention I put a lot of work into getting the balance just right and having other mixers like yourself appreciate my work really means a lot. I have another recipe I I’ve just completed on ATF called “Morning Dew”. Personally I think it’s the best recipe I’ve created however that could just be down to personal preference. I would love you to try it out and let me know what you think! Keep up the good work bro and take care. Ric ATF = FuriousMixer
    ELR = SensoryOverload ?????

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