Cucumber? Ft. Rin Vapes [ Noted: Ep. 109 ]

Flavor Name  Notes  Time 
WF African Horned Cucumber  A pink guava note, a passion fruit flavor, not a cucumber at all but very good.  1.5 – 2  05 
VT Cucumber  Half cucumber, half cantaloupe.     14 
FLV Melon Rind  Tastes a lot like a cucumber  17 
FW Cucumber Mint  Tastes like double mint gum while drinking cucumber water.  3-4  27 
TFA Cucumber  Hot mayo – mushy cucumber    35 
FA Cucumber  Almost too authentic, very green, skin on fresh cucumber. Extra clean  .5-1.5  41 
CAP Cucumber  Fairly authentic, not too sweet, refreshing, mild peel note, fullness and body to it, and very juicy  3-4  46 
FLV Cucumber  Very authentic, has some peel, has some juice, and it is salty.  53 
OOO Cucumber  Really thick peel, very green, very authentic. Not good    64 

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