Strawberry Lite Cream

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Strawberry Lite Cream

CAPSweet Strawberry4%
FAFresh Cream1.5%
TFABavarian Cream2.5%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

Flavor Notes:

FA Strawberry / CAP Sweet Strawberry: In this recipe, because we’re working to focus less on the cream, and more on the blend of both the strawberry and cream, we need a brighter, more substantive strawberry. For this, I’m using CAP Sweet Strawberry at 4% and FA Strawberry at 1%. CAP will provide most of its flavor, with its excellent top note sitting upon the entire mix. And then FA will help fill in the rest of its lacking body.

FA Raspberry: One thing I wanted to add was a bit more “chew” to the strawberry. This will bring it a bit more forward, and keep it from getting too watery, like so many S&C’s get. Only 0.5% is needed.

FA Marshmallow: This provides a lot of the cream flavor. I wanted to use FA Marshmallow to provide almost a powdered sugar, or icing like cream. One that is very light and fluffy. Using FA Marshmallow at 0.5% is plenty to add those powdery notes.

FA Fresh Cream / TFA Bavarian Cream: Finally I needed to fill out the creams. Without the Fresh Cream, the recipe lacks that “milky” identification. Using it in this recipe at 1.5% to provide that, as well as provide a bit more fluffiness to the body. And then we need a bit of extra thickness to help pull everything together. That’s what TFA Bavarian Cream is for.

CAP Super Sweet: I do think the sweetener GREATLY improves the flavor, presence and saturation of strawberries. Without it, to me, it’s quite thin and too watery. I’m using it in my recipe at 0.5%

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