Make Your Own E-liquid in 5 Steps

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The Most Affordable and Delicious Method

Making your own e-liquid makes sense on so many levels. It’s much more affordable to start, saving you up to 98% of the money you spend on commercial or store-bought e-liquid. It’s just as delicious as well, as you’re doing it in the same exact way and using the same exact ingredients commercial companies do it. You NEVER run out of fun, interesting, and delicious recipes. And it’s a great outlet for creativity. So what’s stopping you? Do you think it’s too difficult, or you just haven’t taken the time to learn? Well you have no excuse now, as above there is a less than 2-minute video, showing you how to effectively make delicious vapes in 5 easy steps. SO GET STARTED!


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QUIK – The recipe in the video

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