Top 10 Watermelon DIY Flavorings

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The List

  1. FLV Watermelon:
    1. This, for the time being, is my favorite watermelon flavoring. To me, it’s the most accurate to its source, and provides a really nice vape. Its watermelon flavor is bright, sweet, and ripe, but there is a touch of “candied” watermelon buried within it. I like it anywhere from 1 – 3 %
  2. LA Watermelon:
    1. One of the most used watermelons in commercial mixing. Very similar to FA watermelon, except more candied, and a bit thicker in its body, with no rind. Great for those who need a watermelon to stick out in a cocktail with a lot of notes going on. Great option. 3 – 6%
  3. FA Watermelon:
    1. This watermelon is used quite a lot in commercial settings. There’s a touch of naturally to it, but it’s also very bright and very fresh. It’s a bit more on the mild side, which is close to natural watermelon, but with added sweetness, it turns candied quite quickly.  2 – 5%
  4. WF Sour Watermelon Candy: 
    1. An absolutely pleasure to use. Much like their Sour Blue Raz, this packs a fun, sweet, and delicious artificial and candied watermelon flavor – similar to watermelon jolly ranchers. While I think it certainly has a place in recipes as a mixer, I think it works best as the main note. 2 – 6%
  5. CAP Sweet Watermelon: 
    1. Another very popular commercial watermelon. Very similar to how CAP does Sweet Strawberry, this is how they do it for watermelon – with a nice blend of natural and candy elements to provide a bright, sweet, and juicy flavor experience that doesn’t have much chemical or artificial flavor. 3 – 7%
  6. MB Big Watermelon: 
    1. A very pleasant and non-offensive watermelon, that’s a bit softer, but packs a delicious ripe watermelon flavor. Take the very ripe, very center of a watermelon, extract its juices and add sugar, and that’s what you have. Some would call it candied. A must with sweetener to get the best flavor out of it. 4 – 7%
  7. CAP Double Watermelon:
    1. An interesting watermelon that features a more “deep” watermelon note. It packs that candied watermelon note within its top, but its body is a bit more fleshed out and contains almost a strawberry or raspberry hue. There’s also a touch of rind. Quite different from Sweet Watermelon. 3 – 5%
  8. RF Watermelon:
    1. The more unique watermelons out of the bunch. Definitely more berry than watermelon, with some sweetness and artificial candied properties. While it tastes fine, it’s not very good, and it’s just not very accurate to the profile. 1 – 3%
  9. FW Watermelon:
    1. A very, very, artificial and candied version of watermelon, with absolutely no naturally to it. Very floral, and medicinal. Skip it. 2 – 5%
  10. TFA Watermelon:
    1. One of the worst watermelons. Very artificial and very flat. Watermelon note is present, and isn’t completely useless. But a very offensive and odd off-note hurts the entire experience. 2 – 5%
  11. TFA Watermelon Candy:
    1. Very similar to Original, except a bit brighter and sweeter. And more muted. Almost as if a bit more EM was added. Still not good. 2 – 5%
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