#MakeTheSwitch Featured Recipe – Sam’s Boozy Apricot by Wildgypsy70

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With this featured pick, I moved a bit more on the opposite end of the recipes I’ve featured thus far. This is a Apricot, Peach, Tobacco with Brandy recipe, that aims to sit on the lighter, sweet, brighter side of the tobacco genre. I really enjoyed how pleasant this recipe is. On the top you pick up this sweet, juicy apricot. More bright and sweet than a natural apricot, thanks to the White Peach also added. There’s also a juicy peach body which helps with its overall experience. Then on the finish is where the light, bright, tobacco notes come in. Similar to the last recipe, almost tea like in nature. Topped off with a touch of brandy, that isn’t too heavy on the alcohol and helps give the recipe a bit more depth. My main concern is the recipe is on the lighter side. I wish it contained a bit more saturation and flavor altogether. But overall, it vapes very nicely and tastes great with no harshness or off-notes. I can see those who want a sweeter, more bright tobacco flavor really enjoying this. 

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