#MakeTheSwitch Featured Recipe – Dugan Staights Caf’e by Mixalott

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This is a great tobacco leaf espresso recipe, that packs a bunch of very interesting details into a tasty recipe. Upon mixing this, I was quite impressed with the amount of notes that were able to be present in the mix. There’s a very nice tobacco leaf flavor, that sits right on the top of the vape. The tobacco leaf is very bright, slightly earthy and vegetal, and almost tea-like in nature. The leaf is also accompanied by this light woody note that helps add some extra depth to the top of the vape. The body is filled out with some light wheat, and on the finish is where I pick up this dusting of espresso. It’s not a rich coffee tone – something which might’ve been far too overpowering. Instead, just a light dusting, almost emulating “ash”. Overall, the vape experience is great from the Z-biip device. It’s not perfect, however. I do think the body of the vape is a bit thin. I wish there was maybe a bit more of a robust or bold tobacco note to help fill in the gaps between the leaf and espresso. But in the end, I love how this portrays a much more flavorful and pleasurable tobacco emulation. 

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