#MakeTheSwitch Featured Recipe – Old World Tobacco by Folkart

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Traditional Tobacco!

So, the first featured recipe was one that captured the essence of a traditional cigarette. This week’s featured recipe captures the essence of a traditional tobacco. This to me, is a no frills dried tobacco flavor, with leather, wood, and light char. Compared to last week’s, there’s not much ash, if any at all. The focus of this recipe is more the tobacco leaf itself. It’s a brighter, more pleasurable vape. Meaning it’s flavor doesn’t correlate with a traditional cigarette as much. On the exhale, much of the brighter leathery notes sit right on top, accompanying the tobacco leaf with a subdued sweetness (don’t be mistaken, it’s not sweet). The follow through is where you pick up those more earthy wood notes as well as the light char. Mixing it at 12mg, it provides a nice bite that drives the experience home. That’s not to say it’s harsh – it’s not and much, much smoother than last weeks. But it does bring a nice hit that does a good job of emulating smoking without being too offensive. All that said though, it’s not as accurate as last weeks. So it’s not a perfect conversion tool for those looking for an exact 1:1 clone of a cigarette. It is, however, a great conversion tool for those who are looking for a more flavored dried tobacco leaf. 

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