#MakeTheSwitch Featured Recipe – FA Cigarette by Scott12579

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Setting the Bar!

This is a very accurate representation of a cigarette, and it’s the reason I wanted to feature it first. This recipe is not one that I particularly enjoy. The reason being, it’s too close to a cigarette! It packs a smoky & ashy tobacco flavor that comes through very well on the Z-biip. To me it’s reminiscent of a middle of the day cigarette, meaning, it’s not like the fresh smoke of the day, or a smoke after a long meal. But one that smoke quickly on your next break at work, where you don’t think about the flavor so much, and just need the smoky nicotine that follows. The tobacco flavor, while present, is very well hidden under the notes of ash and smoke. There is a bit more of a tobacco leaf flavor that comes through on the flavor, but it isn’t sweet or bright, and rather leathery, earthy, subdued. And while I don’t think it’s relatively tasty, especially compared in a world with fruity and dessert flavors, I do think it has a great use as being a good converting tool. And that’s why I wanted to feature this recipe first. It ticks a lot of boxes that I’m looking for in this competition. It’s accurate to the profile –  a traditional cigarette or tobacco. The flavor is strong enough to comes through the pod, which offers a nice vape. And the vape experience is very similar to smoking a cigarette, where its smoke even lingers on the tongue a bit, especially vaped out the Z-biip.  So great job Scott! Definitely setting the bar on the competition. 

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