The New Monday Show is HERE!

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Monday’s at 5pm EST

So I’ve been talking about doing another live show since I started this new live content trend. Well, it’s finally here. I’m calling it….The Monday Show. Every Monday at 5pm EST, I will be doing a show that’s catered to two things. Goofs and Noobs. Basically I want to do a show that’s a bit more relaxed, a bit more free-flow, and also a bit more specific to the noob. The show’s idea is simple, if you’re a newb, you ask for a request and I deliver. In this episode, I had a member send over his list of flavorings, and I created a recipe around what he had and the type of flavor he wanted to vape. Simple! So if you’re a beginner, or maybe you’re an advanced mixer who is stuck in a rut or haven’t found any good recipes lately, come tune into the Monday Show. I think you’ll all enjoy it.

NOTE: Because the Monday Show revolves around viewer input and feedback, I want to let you know that if you are a Mixer Member, you have priority over free viewers. If you want to try and get your requests answered quickly, pick up a Mixer Membership here.

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