Kindground Mixathon Fundraiser – Beating the Odds!

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Beating the Odds!

The Kindground Mixathon took place over the weekend. Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to donate money, thank you to everyone who donated prizes, and thank you to everyone who helped put this together. This was easily the most successful and smoothest run fundraiser that we’ve seen in the DIY community. More than $17,000 has been donated to Kindground and his family, with more than $4000 coming from the mixathon itself. While we were a bit shy of the $20,000 goal, we still put a considerable dent into the asking price, which is awesome.

I do want to put a special thanks out there to a few people. Thank you to Nicotine River for their sizeable donation. Thank you to Molinberry, Flavorah, Wonder Flavors, and FlavourArt North America for donating huge prizes to the pool. Thank you to Daytime Frank, Tam Vapes, Skiddlz, Kopel, Simon, Graham, the DIY_Ejuice Subreddit, and so many others for making this fundraiser go so smoothly, and ensuring we had a show for the audience.

And finally, thanks to Kindground for being a cool human. Here’s to you buddy! Hopefully this money can help buy you a bit of peace of mind and some extra time spent focusing on recovering and spending it with your family.

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