Pink Starburst – DIY E-liquid Recipe


Emulated after a pink starburst.

Made on Live Mixing:

% Vendor Flavor
(JF) Pink Burst
(TPA) Sweet Strawberry
(FW) Starburst Type
(CAP) Lemon Lime
(TPA) Vanilla Swirl
(CAP) Super Sweet

Pink Burst

Sweet Bright Strawberry, Sharp and Tart Citrus Finish, with Light Chewiness

Flavor Notes

JF Pink Burst / TFA Sweet Strawberry: So if you didn’t know, a pink starburst is strawberry. The strawberry flavor, though, is more of a base note, or foundation. To me, it doesn’t punch me in the face with strawberry. It’s much more subtle. So with that, I chose to build a profile with that idea. JF Pink Burst is quite similar to the Pink Starburst flavor, it’s just quite light. Perfect! I did want to add a bit more of a splash, especially against the bright citrus, so I chose to dump in a bit of TFA Sweet Strawberry as well. This strawberry is still candied, but also a bit more forward.

FW Starburst Type / CAP Lemon Lime: Finding that identifying, or distinguishing note is vital to emulation. To me, that note in the Starburst is the citrus. There’s a very sharp splash of lemon/lime citric acid. It almost hurts to eat, especially paired up with the bite from the extreme sweetness. So Starburst type adds that “sharpness”. I wanted to help add some extra “candiness” to the mix, so I chose a bit of CAP Lemon Lime to fill it out.

TFA Vanilla Swirl: Here I’m doing the classic Vanilla Swirl chew-enhancer. 0.5% Vanilla Swirl basically gives your mix a nice soft chew. That’s basically it.

CAP Super Sweet: This is necessary for the mix to be accurate. Starburst is candy. Candy is sweet. Dump in the sucralose.

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