Pink Starburst – DIY E-liquid Recipe

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Pink Burst


Emulated after a pink starburst. Made on Live Mixing:


CAP Lemon Lime     1%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FW Starburst Type     0.5%JF Pink Burst     2%TPA Sweet Strawberry     2.5%TPA Vanilla Swirl     0.5%

Total Flavor: 7%

Pink Burst

Sweet Bright Strawberry, Sharp and Tart Citrus Finish, with Light Chewiness

Flavor Notes

JF Pink Burst / TFA Sweet Strawberry: So if you didn’t know, a pink starburst is strawberry. The strawberry flavor, though, is more of a base note, or foundation. To me, it doesn’t punch me in the face with strawberry. It’s much more subtle. So with that, I chose to build a profile with that idea. JF Pink Burst is quite similar to the Pink Starburst flavor, it’s just quite light. Perfect! I did want to add a bit more of a splash, especially against the bright citrus, so I chose to dump in a bit of TFA Sweet Strawberry as well. This strawberry is still candied, but also a bit more forward.

FW Starburst Type / CAP Lemon Lime: Finding that identifying, or distinguishing note is vital to emulation. To me, that note in the Starburst is the citrus. There’s a very sharp splash of lemon/lime citric acid. It almost hurts to eat, especially paired up with the bite from the extreme sweetness. So Starburst type adds that “sharpness”. I wanted to help add some extra “candiness” to the mix, so I chose a bit of CAP Lemon Lime to fill it out.

TFA Vanilla Swirl: Here I’m doing the classic Vanilla Swirl chew-enhancer. 0.5% Vanilla Swirl basically gives your mix a nice soft chew. That’s basically it.

CAP Super Sweet: This is necessary for the mix to be accurate. Starburst is candy. Candy is sweet. Dump in the sucralose.

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