Blood Mango Ice – Icy Tropical DIY E-liquid Recipe

Blood Mango Ice


This is a Blood Orange, Mango, and Tangerine recipe topped with Ice


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%CAP Sweet Guava     0.5%CAP Sweet Mango     5%FLV Mango     0.5%FW Blood Orange     2.5%FA Tanger (mandarin)     1%OTHR WS-23     0.5%

Total Flavor: 10.5%

Flavor Notes

This is a bright, refreshing, and icy blood orange, mango, tangerine recipe. Much of the flavor comes from the mango, which helps add not only a thick body for the ice to stick to, but also some exotic sweetness. This is further accentuated with the vibrant and sharp Blood Orange and Tangerine.

CAP Sweet Mango / FLV Mango:

This is the bulk of the recipe and this makes up most of the flavor that you’ll taste with this recipe. I wanted the Mango to be the main note because I needed a flavor to hold up against some of the ice I was adding to the mix. Without a strong body, the ice will tend to “dry” things out. You can find out more on how to utilize Ice here. I’m using CAP Sweet Mango at the upper range at 5%, and then adding 0.5% of FLV Mango to add a bit more body and naturality. You can swap the FLV Mango out for another mango you enjoy, as long as it isn’t too bright, and focuses more on the finish. This base provides a sweet, bright, yet semi-real mango.

FW Blood Orange / FA Mandarin:

Next, I wanted to add in some flavor and accent that would help bring some more brightness to the mix. I initially was thinking of lemon and lime, but I wanted something to pair more naturally with Mango. So Blood Orange and Tangerine made the cut. I’m using FW Blood Orange at 2.5%, which is lower than I normally would, because I don’t want to add too much citrus, which would clash with the ice. I just want enough to color the recipe. And then 1% of Mandarin helps add a subtle bump to the brightness of the mango.

CAP Sweet Guava:

Capella Sweet Guava is used mainly for adding some extra body to the recipe, while also adding extra tropical sweetness. This tropical sweetness helps give the Ice more to hold on to.

WS-23 / CAP Super Sweet:

Finally, the additives. The WS-23 is the Ice. I like it at 0.5%, which gives the recipe a considerable amount of Ice, but isn’t too overwhelming. Feel free to increase or decrease depending on your own palate. Then, I have the Super Sweet which adds the finishing touches to the mix, adding that final level of sweetness to the tropical fruit.

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