Where’s the Yam?! | Citraspberry Soda [ Recipes of the Week ]

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Recipes of the Week

Citraspberry Soda by Staybert

Man, this is one refreshing recipe. The flavor profile is a “fresh citrus, raspberry soda” according to Staybert, and it nails all of those notes very well. The main draw of this recipe for me is how refreshing it is. Using the citrus, raspberry, and exotic fruits, to blend together next to the beautifully placed FLV Citrus Soda, makes for a delicious cocktail-like vape that stings your mouth with sharpness. The other draw of this recipe, is how well it portrays “fizz”. I can certainly say this recipe brings a great level of fizziness. While it isn’t as “crunchy” as carbonation –  which we know is almost impossible to attain – this recipe comes damn close and its fizziness adding even more to the other overall experience of the vape. My only critique being that this recipe is a bit light on the flavor and saturation, so if you want a boost there, feel free to drop in some sweetener. 

Where’s the Yam?! by Kindground

Where do I begin with this one? This is easily one of the weirdest, and most unique flavor profiles I’ve had to date. It’s profile is a baked Candied Yam with toasted marshmallow and strawberry syrup drizzle. What is so impressive is that ALL of those notes are emulated in this mix. The yam is easily the first thing you taste, with its awkward bakery/dessert/vegatal flavor front and center. It tastes as if it was laid in with some cinnamon and brown sugar, and most certainly tastes baked, and not “fresh”. Then on the finish comes much of the richer caramel notes, with the toasted marshmallow followed by the strawberry syrup. The strawberry is light and doesn’t dominate, but it’s also jammy and sticky. It’s really impressive to see such intricacy in a profile this weird. I know many of you won’t like this, but I also know many will. At the very least we can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into developing this. (Also, shout out to Flavorah for even making such a vape possible). 

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