Pistachio ft. Folkart [ Noted: Ep. 96 ]

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Flavor Notes

Flavor Names Notes Time 
FW Pistachio Floral ant spray 2-4 05 
LA Pistachio Wtf, hot plastic note, touch of sassafras  07 
RF SC Pistachio Not good, musty white chocolate with dirt in it 09 
Bicford Pistachio Pretty light nut pistachio, has a creaminess to it. Also has a slight citrus or orange note in it. Could be useful in a sorbet. Starts to go floral at 5% 11 
VT Pistachio Very yummy flavor, very sweet, creamy, clearly a nut and reminiscent of nougat. Not a pistachio by any means 13 
FLV Pistachio More on the authentic dry side of things. Not perfect, but comes the closest in terms of tasting like a real roasted pistachio. Not sweet, roasted nut flavor. 1-3 16 
WF Pistachio Cream Not specifically pistachio, mix of almond and pistachio and cream. Very roasted and would be super useful in a pistachio ice cream or something of that caliber. There are some definite dairy notes in there. 2-3 21 
FA Pistachio Authentic, just not very tasty, dry, a little sharp, and green as in raw or under roasted. Its very nutty, not made for a main note in a mix but def an accent note .5-1 25 
TFA Pistachio Very versatile, very yummy, not authentic pistachio, very creamy and rich. No off notes, can be harsh over 3% and can be softened fairly easy with TFA Vanilla Swirl or something similar 2-8 29 

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