Popcorn ? [ Noted: Ep. 96 ]

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Flavor Name Notes Time 
TFA Popcorn, Movie Theater Butter buds, and vomit 2-4 03 
FW Buttered Popcorn Very sweet and vomit 07 
FW Kettle Corn Sweet sugar butter blend with stomach acid on top  10 
CAP Popcorn V2 Just cardboard 11 
TFA Popcorn Air Popped Sawdust red skin peanut butter. Nothing like popcorn 13 
LA Buttered Popcorn The butter part is pretty good, the popcorn is mostly like a cardboard off note  14 
VT Popcorn Nothing unpleasant, but not a popcorn. Dry nutty bakery, rich and buttery cream, in the middle there is a vague fruity sweetness 16 
TFA Popcorn Corn pops cereal with milk. A little sweet, with a milky dairy base. The top note is halfway between popcorn and cornpops. 19 
TFA Kettle Corn More of a corny note than others. Really nice base sweetness. Dry, light but accurate popcorn note. Missing the salt, and there is a slight vanilla off note 24 
WF Caramel Popcorn Peanuts Great peanut flavor, great caramel, a little wet and the texture is off. It doesn’t really make it as a popcorn, more like a stale cracker jack box 1-3.5 28 
FLV Popcorn Does popcorn really well. You can almost taste salt. Clear more accurate popcorn overall. Dry, sweet sort of glaze on there. Top heavy on the popcorn flavor but full texture on that glaze 31 

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