BOYS-N-BERRY ft. Kindground [ Noted: Ep. 95 ]

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Flavor Name Notes Time 
TFA Boysenberry Very floral, dry, no juiciness (at higher %’s). Must be used down low to work at all. As in .25% to get any good notes at all. Its like a blackberry and a wild strawberry mixed together. Tastes like a tart or under ripe strawberry. More of a fresh berry than a candy berry .25 
FW Boysenberry Starts off juicy n sweet but then turns very soapy n dry on the finish and is not vape-able at that point. 10 
JF Boysenberry Tastes like a grape candle  12 
RF Boysenberry Very weak and thin. Has a generic berry jamminess to it at 4% and also has a musky off cheesy sweetness to it. 2-4 15 
OOO Boysenberry Very weak even at 4%. A little waxy and almost soapy. But really nothing there in the taste factor 2-4 17 
VT Boysenberry Very different take on boysenberry where it kind of tastes like a natural blue raspberry. Also a black currant note to it as well. With no raspberry top notes or brightness to it. 20 
Natures Flavors Boysenberry Has a warmth to it, like a brandy. Slightly sweet small tartness, its juicy. Very interesting just a different boysenberry that’s for sure 2-4 24 
PUR Boysenberry The flavor is “alright” not very bright and lacking sweetness. The flavor is dark and dull and soft. But there are many better boysenberry flavors out there  25 
OOO Boysenberry Pie Very jammy, moderately sweet, raspberry notes start off as perfume but calm down after a while. There is however no bakery note to it what so ever.  26 
PUR Boysenberry Preserves Tastes like blueberry pie filling mixed with raspberry jam. Very “purple” tasting. No blackberry notes but definitely blueberry, tastes cooked down with a slight raspberry tartness but its subdued compared to normal raspberries. 2-6 29 
TFA Boysenberry Deluxe Sweet juicy, dark blackberry notes that are accurate. Touch of black currant. No harshness, slight warmth lending towards jamminess. And doesn’t seem like it would push other flavors around that much in a mix 33 
FLV Boysenberry Its only con is it might be a bit to candy. Perfect mix of blackberry and raspberry together. Very syrupy. Really versatile. Can be used with blueberrys to “cook” them. Up to 4 35 

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