Vapefly Pixie vs Hermetic by SMM & Blitz (The Single Coil/Airflow Showdown)

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The Single Coil Showdown

These are two affordable single coil / single airflow RDA’s, that sit around the same price, and provide a similar vape. In my search for an RDA that can match the quality of flavor of higher end flavor-RDA’s like the Hadaly or Citadel, I was told to check these out. And to be honest, I’m happy I did. I think I’ve finally found an RDA I can recommend that will provide a “reference” flavor. And it’s under $30!



  • Clean cut, 22mm diameter RDA
  • Modern Colorway / Included Drip tip a bit too colorful
  • Non-gaudy logo / Beauty ring included
  • Non-slammed top cap / More room for bigger builds
  • Single clamp design that’s not spring loaded
  • One-airflow slot that’s adjustable
  • Airflow flows from “under” the coil with “half-pipe” airflow.


  • Excellent saturated and vibrant flavor
  • Close to flat, or “reference” flavor
  • Seems to accentuate lower end / bottom notes a bit more, while also very slightly rolling off the highs.
  • If you’re a fan of heavier flavors like custards, dairies, tobaccos, bakeries, and desserts, this is a great RDA for you.
  • Bright flavors and more intricate flavors may not reach their full potential with this RDA.
  • Nice flavor stage (the amount of space for the flavor to sit upon). It’s not particularly wide, but also not small
  • Good imaging. You can pick up more general aspects, like tops and bottoms, but the imaging in terms of specific flavors, is a bit limited.

Vape Experience

  • Great draw. It’s not too restricted, but also allows a great “pull”.
  • Also, because of the size of airflow and where its positioned, you get great volume.
  • Full robust vape, minus the lack of “sparkle” in the highend, but it doesn’t ruin the integrity of the vape itself
  • One big downside is the “one-airflow” slot system. I think it provides an off-balance or awkward vape experience. It just seems like something is “missing” from the vape. It’s not a big negative and again, doesn’t ruin the integrity of the vape. But it certainly isn’t ideal, and I personally now feel single-airflow is the inferior method of build.

Extra Credit

  • At $30, you get a good value.
  • Support for great Vape industry member (Matt from Suck My Mod)

3.75 / 5

A great RDA, that produces great, close to reference flavor, that does especially well with heavier flavors like custards, tobaccos, bakeries, and desserts. Unfortunately, the awkward airflow, and the lightly missing highs pulls its score a bit further from perfect.

Pixie by Vapefly


  • Tiny 22mm RDA, wrapped in SS, with plastic top cap.
  • Single airflow system, with multiple inserts for specific airflow draw.
  • Gaudy and ugly. Terrible script font on the side of the RDA, ugly notches on the top cap, and plastic top cap stepped in unappealing way.
  • Easy to build deck, with same post slot design. Innards very closed down and chamber very reduced.
  • Because of its small nature, it does pick up a bit more heat.


  • Excellent reference flavor. Perfectly flat, with no coloring on the highs or lows. What you put in this RDA, will be represented truthfully.
  • The flavor is saturated fully, it packs excellent presence, and produces a well defined low end.
  • While the low end isn’t particularly “bassy”, it still is reproduced well
  • The highs don’t have that “sparkle” that other higher end flavor RDA’s have, like the Citadel, unfortunately.
  • Great flavor stage. Seems like there is a good amount of space between flavors and layers.
  • Also great imaging. You can pinpoint where flavors are within that flavor stage with good fidelity.

Vape Experience

  • The vape is damn good
  • You get a full vape, but not as robust as other, bigger RDAs.
  • The saturation is there, the mouthfeel and imaging is there.
  • Everything about the vape is “on-par”.
  • Unfortunately again, it suffers the same fate as the Hermetic. The single air-flow slot produces somewhat of an off-balance vape. Fortunately for the Pixie, because the airflow comes from the side, rather than the bottom like the Hermetic, the air-flow is a bit more smooth and less turbulent, dampening that awkward draw.

Extra Credit:

  • This RDA can range anywhere from $12 – $20 making it the best value / flavor you can get on the market. It’s so extremely competitive.

4.75 / 5

An RDA that packs flavor that can keep up with the bets of them, with excellent, truthful flavor representation and imaging, that comes in at under $20.

Who is the Winner?
The VapeFly Pixie

While the Hermetic is a much better looking RDA, that also does a great job with heavier flavors, it still isn’t as “reference” as I’d like, and doesn’t provide as much highend as the Pixie does. It’s still a great vape, and those who vape more “cloud chasing” setups, will probably enjoy it more than I do. But the Vapefly Pixie, at the insanely competitive $20 mark, provides a much more accurate and reference experience, albeit its terrible and ugly look.

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