Hermetic vs Pixie | Steep Experiment | FDA Coming After Food Labels [DIYorDIE Show: Ep. 2]

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In the second ever episode of the DIYorDIE Show, I talk a ton about new hardware. First we take a look at a few of the new Chinese Clones I’ve picked up from 3F Vape. These will be looked at next week with a focus on how far cloning has come in the last years. Then I review two cheap, single coil, single airflow RDA’s – The Hermetic by Blitz and Suck My Mod and the Pixie by Vapefly. I put these two head to head to find out which is the better RDA, which is the best for mixers, and which is the better value. Then I get into some news for the week, like how the FDA is going after labels with food items on them. Finally I end the stream discussing my small Steeping Experiment (full write up soon).


Recipe of the Week: Berliner by Mr. Burgundy

Flavoring of the Week: Capella Sweet Currant


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Gottlieb’s Hypocrisy Tweet

FDA Going After “DC Creations”

Scientists Raised Pigs from the Dead

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