? Doughnuts ? ft. Rin Vapes [ Noted: Ep. 94 ]

Flavor Notes

Flavor Name  Notes  Time 
HC Chocolate Glazed Donut  Super gross    1 
FLV Donut  A hot dumpster fire    2 
ChemNovatic Donut  A coconut buttery note, very sweet, has a slight butyric note at 3%.   2  5 
FLV Fried Dough  .25% is a lot on this one, still kind of gross but might be super useful as a donut component. Comes across as a savory type of fried.  .25  9 
FLV Sweet Dough  Good after a steep. This one is also really potent. Tastes like an undercooked biscuit     10 
FA Joy  Tastes like beer, with powdered sugar, oil, and “yeastness    13 
OOO Glazed Donut  Tastes like a powdered sugar sandwich    15 
CAP Glazed Donut  playdough    18 
CAP Chocolate Glazed Donut  Playdough, has a waxy chocolate glaze on it, thick cakey donut. Not a ton of separation from the glaze and donut itself. Dry, harsh, chalky    21 
CAP Funnel Cake  Definitely has a fried effect to it. Using just a touch (.25-.5) it can be used to “dirty up” a recipe  .25-.5  20 
FA Zepola  Sprinkled spice blend on a powdered donut. An indistinct warm spice that can be picked out of mixes easily. Very sweet, fried mouthfeel, not yeasty, more like a cake donut, a little dry    24 
FA Chocolate Glazed Donut  Gross, do not believe the hype around it.     28 
TFA Frosted Donut  Tastes like vanilla frosting on a spiced cardboard piece. Pretty rich, strong cinnamon with anise backing it. Thick & Rich but not a donut at all.    30 
DL Glazed Donut  Much lighter playdough note. Doesn’t have a lot of body, the flavor does well but there is no body or depth or fried quality. Tastes more like the glaze on a frosted donut  5  32 
FW Glazed Donut  Not much flavor to it. Spiced brown sugar note, the flavor isn’t bad its just very very light. Not yeasty or bready. Just a vague sweet note  2-3  33 
FlavorShack Donut  Not much of anything. Not a ton of flavor even at 8% and its super expensive  4  35 
FlavorShack MetroMan  Eggy cake flavor at the end. Plain donut but again its pretty faint    37 
FA Wow  Tastes like an indistinct red fruit, dry & thin. Not gooey filling. The donut part needs help  2  39 
WF Picarones  Like a deep fried dough not offensive at all, speaks to pumpkin/sweet potato vibe and you can also taste the syrup note, it’s a dark   2-3  41 
SA Donut  Donut grease, at 1% but at higher %’s its great. Delicious yeasty heavy donut. Like the halfway point between a yeast risen and a crispy funnel cake  6  44 
WF Glazed Donut  Does not disappoint. Light and yeasty, fluffy. Captures the glazed donut very well. Does taste slightly overcooked though.  2.5-3  49 
Euro Flavors Glazed Donut  Milky glazed note, not a lot of actual dough from the donut  3  51 
WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough  Not a donut. It tastes like a fried pie crust. Very sweet, slight cinnamon note, pleasant, not super oily. Fried note is spot on    54 
FlavorShack Holy Popo  It’s a strawberry glazed donut. Its authentic, doesn’t have a strong dough note, but useful with its strawberry glaze  4  60 
FLV Maple Bar  Mostly the glaze with a small bready note. Hard waxy maple glaze on point.  1-3  61 




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