What Are Reka Flavors?

Malaysian Glory

So I have very limited experience with Reka flavorings. I was able to try a couple when I visited Chef’s Flavours in the UK, as they were picking some up at the time. One thing we both noticed immediately was the amount of cooling that they used in their flavorings. Fast forward to today and I picked up both Sexy Mango and Sparkling Orange, and the cooling is still true. Not only that, but these flavorings are immensely powerful. In a good way (if that’s what you like).

The Cooling

Nasty Juice is one of the more popular e-liquids globally, more so outside the US. One of the reasons they are so popular is their flavor strength. Their juice has tons of saturated, sweet, flavor, and most of the time, freezing ice. Not only that, but I’m almost certain they are using these Reka flavorings, because they’re very similar in taste and feel. What I think is best about Nasty Juice, is how well the cooling is infused in the flavors. The same is true for Reka. It seems as if the cooling was made in conjunction with the flavors. Like it was infused within the flavor, as opposed to just being laid on top of it. This make for a much more vibrant flavor.

The Power

And that’s the second part of Reka that I’ve enjoyed. At 5%, both of those flavorings packed an insane strength. So it doesn’t matter if you’re vaping on a Citadel RDA, or a wide open Profile RDA, you’re going to get slammed in the face with a powerful, saturated, and vibrant flavor. Now, it makes these flavorings a bit more polarizing. Some people don’t enjoy that much strength. Some people also enjoy their flavorings to pack more complexity and depth. These flavorings, while tasty, are really limited and one-dimensional. I can’t imagine using this mango in a recipe with more than 3 notes. So there are obviously trade-offs.

Any ways, if you want to check out some Reka flavorings, the only place I’ve found that has them is Chef’s Flavours. They sell them under the “Wrecka” line. You may be able to purchase them direct if you plan on getting wholesale, but need I remind you, they are an international company. So shipping beware!



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