The DIYorDIE Show: Ep. 1 – Make America Vape Again

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A Brand New Direction

The video above is the brand new DIYorDIE Show. This is a new variety show that will air every Wednesday at 5pm EST. It’s essentially taking the place of the now defunct InTheMix Podcast. The show’s segments include new products, such as flavorings or hardware. My favorite recipes and flavorings of the week will be discussed. I will also answer viewer questions, emails, and even phone calls! I will have guests on, and this week I brought on Alfred Pudding to talk about some of his favorite flavor trinity’s. And finally we dive into news and advocacy towards the end of the segment, all just to name a few. I’m really excited about this new direction for DIYorDIE, and I hope you enjoy it.

Links from the show:

If you enjoy the show I highly recommend you watch it live on Twitch, as it’s much better quality and it allows you to participate in many of Twitch’s live features (such as listening while phone is sleep). You can also support the show by subscribing to the Mixer’s Membership here on DIYorDIE to gain exclusive access to all the articles and notes out of DIYorDIE.¬†




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