FlavourArt’s Custard Premium is GOLD (Hard to Get, Yet Very Valuable)

Hard to Get, Easy to Love

FlavourArt’s Custard Premium is a flavoring that isn’t sold in the US. There’s actually quite a bit of controversy around this flavoring. Essentially, FlavourArt is known in vaping as the “clean” flavoring company. Anyone who uses FA can expect their flavorings to be free of any Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, or Acetoin. But that’s specifically with the “vaping” flavor line. FlavourArt’s Italian branch contains another line, known as the Kitchen Line. This line contains flavorings that may contain those unsavory compounds. Because those compounds don’t matter in food, they are sold to anyone who needs them for “cooking” or “baking”. So when Custard Premium was released, FlavourArt made it known to their US customers (who are all mostly vaping companies), they could only purchase from their approved vaping line that went through their “ClearStream” program (a testing protocol). One company, DIY Vapor Supply, went direct to Italy and picked up that forbidden Kitchen line. When FlavourArt NA found out, they threatened to cut their relationship completely unless they ceased the sale of it. This caused a bit of a backlash from the DIY community, mainly because they wanted an easy way to get this flavor. This caused several controversies around the DIY community and FA NA, which has since settled down. Now here we are today, and I have FA’s forbidden flavor in my office. Is it worth all the trouble?


Simply put, it’s the best custard flavoring we have available in DIY today. It’s almost perfect. Now, this is not a FlavorBook entry. That will be available shortly. So I’m not going to fully analyze or breakdown this flavoring here. Feel free to pick up a membership in order to get my full analysis. But I will say that the flavor is (almost) exactly what I want in a custard. It’s more akin to a rich vanilla pudding, than a buttery, eggy, custard. Comparing it to CAP’s Vanilla Custard V1 – V2, it’s got a much brighter and sweeter vanilla top note, that makes it pop so much more in a recipe. It’s also a lot less buttery or oily, a big criticism I have with CAP VCV1. But it’s not nearly as thick or dense, which may be something easy to fix. Compared to TFA’s Custard, it’s better in every way. The flavor, mouthfeel, and vape experience are all much better in FA’s offering. And compared to INW’s, it’s much more “custardy”, with a more succulent vape.

In the video above I mix it in two recipes. Holiday Pie by Gachatay, which is an amazingly accurate and scrumptious creamy bakery. As well as a simple cheesecake paired with INW’s Yes, We Cheesecake at 3% and FA’s at 4%. You can see how I feel about those recipes by just looking at my face! I can’t wait to dive deeper into FA’s custard. Be sure to subscribe to see all my updates on this awesome flavoring.




  1. …Yes Wayne i live in Italy and Fa PCustard is the best custard on planet…but for me if we talk about to make a Vanilla Custard even the TPA French Vanilla DELUXE is much better.

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