Candy ?ft Alfred Pudding [ Noted: Ep. 93 ]

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
WF Dweeb Candy  Plastic chemical off note  1-2  5 
WF Chews Candy  Texture of a powdery candy, slight grape note, and small vanilla note as well  2-3  7 
FW Jawbreaker  Tastes like a jawbreaker and a gumball had a baby, powdery chewy like a gumball. Would be helpful to turn a fruit into a gumball bubble gum as opposed to a very pink bubble gum    11 
WF Candy Stick Candy  Tastes like the stick that comes with the fun dip. Appropriately chalky. Tiny touch of vanilla    15 
FLV Candy Roll  Sharp, tart, more forward fruity flavor than a real American smartie. Texture wise it nails the compressed powdered sugar just like the real thing    20 
TFA Sweet & Tart  More like a grape sweet tart candy flavor. At 1% its powdery and good, over that and it starts to get chemical  <1  26 
WF Sour Ball Candy  Kind of citrus like (closer to a lemon) smooth and kind of creamy with no emphasis on a shell. It doesn’t taste like anything  1 and under in a mix  28 
WF Chews Candy SC  Wants to be grape flavored    34 
FW Hard Candy  Tastes like a hard candy like a jolly rancher or a lollipop but unflavored. Smaller hairspray like note  2  35 
OOO Hard Candy (cherry)  Not medicinal, tastes like a slick hard cherry candy. Not a bright red cherry flavor, very mellow flavor    41 
OOO Happy Hard Candy (watermelon)  Flavor is dark and mellow, has that glossy hard candy flavor in it but the watermelon def sits soft in the background    44 
OOO Melon Hard Candy  Its juicy and sweet, with a honeydew forward mixed melon vibe. Not quite as hard as a jolly rancher but its still in the realm of a hard candy    46 
TFA Watermelon Candy  More like a watermelon gummy candy with no sourness on it. Sweet and candy body. There is some throat hit, but no chemical off notes  4  48 
FW Watermelon Candy  Tastes like watered down snow cone syrup, so thin and is missing the sweetness,     50 
CAP SL Watermelon Candy  Tastes like watermelon bubblicious, fairly dry and thin,   7-10  52 
WF Sour Watermelon Candy  Not a hard candy. But by far one of the best watermelon candies out there    54 
WF Blue Raspberry Candy  Mellow, almost floral, sweet and thin  3.5  60 
OOO Blue Raspberry Candy  Hard candy and blue raspberry  2  61 
OOO Hard Candy (raspberry)  Doesn’t taste like hard candy, tastes like raspberry jam flavored cotton candy  2  64 
OOO Mango Candy  Mango soap  1-2  67 
CAP Green Apple Hard Candy  Really good but needs to be used high (like at least 8%)  8-12  69 
TFA Apple Candy  More like an artificial apple flavor than an actual candy. Slight tartness but its def a green apple flavor    75 
WF Banana Candy  Its runts. Not creamy or anything, but a complete artificial banana candy like a runt but it does it well    77 
WF Pineapple Candy  Artificial pineapple type flavor, sweet and sticky    80 
WF Lemon Orange Rice Candy  Chewy, orange pez flavor, the lemon is subdued and a tad pledge-like flavor but its still good.     
WF Pina Colada Candy  Good coconut flavor, texture is chewy, its sweet and sticky and has a good saturation    87 
TFA Grape Candy  It is a hard candy, but it tastes like you forgot to unwrap it and your mowing the lawn, along with grape candy. Useable down low to bring up other grapes    89 
FA Candy Jammy Wizard  Very chewy, bitter, and heavy citrus flavors within it    91 
TFA Blueberry Candy  No sweet, not much texture, and doesn’t taste like a blueberry, pretty dry    98 
TFA Pear Candy  Very light in flavor and very lemon forward citrus candy    96 



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