Does Vaping Cause Seizures? EXPOSED

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Seize and Desist

In this week’s new VaporAlert, we focus on one top story that dominated the headlines, and that’s talking about Vaping and the risk of Seizure. According to the FDA, thereĀ may be a link between vaping e-cigarettes and seizure risk. If you think that sounds crazy, well…it is. They are basing this on only 35 known reports from 2010 – 2019. Not only that, but we have no idea what products were used, what were in those products, if these products were used correctly, and any other outlying factors. What we do know will make you laugh. According to CNBC

In some instances, people were using e-cigarettes for the first time. In others, they were regular users. Some seizures occurred after a few puffs and others occurred up to one day after people vaped, the FDA said. A few people had a prior history of seizures. In some cases, people had also used other substances like marijuana or amphetamines

So, as you can see some had prior history of seizures, and some have even had amphetamines in their system. With only 35 known cases, out of the +10 million vapers in the US alone, it’s laughable to try and link the two.

Now, I’m not disputing the seizures happened. I do want to stateĀ maybe there is more research that needs to be done with high dose, highly efficient nicotine salts. I only say that because there seemed to be an uptick from 2018-19. But again, that number is SO low, it’s hard to factor it at all. That said, I do think something else might be at play. C-liquid. Could synthetic marijuana laced vapes be causing seizures? There are much more reports of these research chemicals causing seizures, so much so it’s a known side effect, and we already know some of those people had marijuana and amphetamines in their system. It’s not that far fetched of an idea to think these vapers unknowingly, or knowingly, consumed synthetic marijuana. Maybe they thought they were buying a CBD vape, and were sold these synthetics. Or maybe they knew there was synthetic weed in them, and chose to deal with the consequences. All in all, none of that matter since there is so little data on the issue. It’s mainly just the FDA fearmongering.




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  1. Hi there I’m from Edinburgh in Scotland and I subscribed to Diyordie I smoked for 27 years but like so many I stopped only by trying vaping that was end of September 2018 and now have just started to mix my own e-liquid I love doing it already just like I love vaping any way this channel is helping me big time so just wanted to let you know thanks man and keep up the great work you do anyway peace dude I will keep watching and learning.

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