LEMONS AGAIN ? ft. Kindground [ Noted: Ep. 92 ]

Flavor Notes

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
INW Juicy Lemon  Tastes like lemon mr. clean or lemon windex, harsh and acidic  <2  17 
NF Lemon  Strange candy vanilla up front, goes slightly peppery, no real bright notes except for a touch of anise  2  19 
INW Lemon  **Reformulated Version** musty weird zest note. Just bad    20 
TFA Lemon  Really harsh, tastes like lemon oil    22 
TFA Lemon II  Not pleasant to vape in any way    23 
CAP Lemon Sicily  Dry, harsh, not very potent. Like a faint sweet lemon water, fairly natural but not a whole lot of body  3  25 
INW Shisha Lemon  Lemon syrup with a strange lime zest note    28 
MB Easy Lemon  Has some cooling in it, maybe some menthol. Not very sweet, the brightness is akin to a cleanser or windex. The slight tartness turns into a waxy tart zest.  3  31 
SA Lemon Cream  Has a really dark vanilla note, dry like inw custard. And not very good lemon notes     34 
OOO Lemon Square Candy  Musty vanilla pepper note up front, with a waxy sweet finish. Not as bright as a starburst on its own    37 
OOO Lemon Rounds Candy  Top Notes reminiscent of cleanser, hard candy waxy note, slightly sweet, tart & bitter  5  38 
CAP Juicy Lemon  Stale musty black tea to a grassy green hay.  3-5  40 
JF Juicy Lemon  Disappointing, decent lemon, delivers on the juiciness but fades too quickly. No zest or brightness to it  3  43 
RF SC Lemon  Not good.    45 
OOO Lemon Natural  Slightly sweet, really natural. Good tartness up front. No real zest or off notes. Pretty juicy and no harshness to it  4  47 
SA Lemon Frosted  Very little sweetness, has a lot of citrus zest. Seems like a mix of a mire lemon and a lime. Its almost bitter and lingers on the tongue, no cooling in it   3  49 
SA Italian Lemon  Really sweet top note, bright and sweet like a mire lemon. Quite juicy  3  51 
DL Lemon  Middle of the road, comes across more like a lemon oil. Light on the flavor, lots of zest but not a lot of brightness.  5  52 
FLV Lemon Grass  Really bright lemon note, comes off as floral  <.5  56 
OOO Sweet Lemon  Really sweet, fairly authentic, lacks a lot of candy brightness. The sweetness lingers, and the zest leaves you with an orange juice vibe.  3  57 
FLV Lemon  Lots of brightness, starts of candy and tries to be natural. The brightness can turn towards a cleaner vibe  2-3  58 
ChemNovatic Lemon  Very candy, leans natural. One dimensional. Lacking the candy brightness. Not harsh, not juicy but the sweetness is on point for a candy lemon    64 
INW Lemon Mix  Realistic, bright. Has the most zest out of any of the lemons. Very thin and no body  <2  65 
HS Lemon  Really natural, slightly tart, slightly sweet, lemon juice. No off notes. Very authentic waxy orange zest note on the end.  3  67 
VT Sour Lemon  Doesn’t do sour. It is tart though, its sweet and candy like and has a sticky finish that lingers    70 
FA Lemon Sicily  Really authentic, natural, easy to work with, only problem is it fades    73 
FE Lemon  Very natural, bright tartness of fresh lemon, but not full on sour, still very natural. Just a touch of sharp zest  2  82 
Medicine Flower Lemon  Has a natural lean to it, with a touch of candy sweetness to it. Juicy, has a great creamy mouthfeel  1  87 
HC Lemon  Has the bright candy notes, has a good tartness, screams lemon heads, juicy, leaves the tartness lingering on your tongue which adds nicely to its finish    90 




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