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So while doing my full testing of DIYFS Holy Vanilla, I wanted to craft a recipe that not only showcased its potential, but was also extremely simple. This was quite easy because DIYFS doesn’t allow much headroom in its hybrid one-shot/flavorings, and also because they’re downright delicious. So Holy Custard was born. DIYFS’s Holy Vanilla is the star of the recipe, with only 2 other flavorings accompanying it to help lift some of its lacking properties. The recipe was mixed to be a shake and vape as well, but just like any other recipe, give it a few days and its even better. Check out the notes below.

Holy Custard


A delicious Shake and Vape Custard with a sweet vanilla top note, and a robust vanilla custard finish. Made for DIYFS Holy Vanilla Flavorbook Entry:


CAP New York Cheesecake     3%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%DFS Holy Vanilla     3%INW Custard     3%OTHR Ethyl Maltol 10%     0.5%

Total Flavor: 10%

Flavor Notes:

DIYFS Holy Vanilla: This is the heart and soul of the mix. It’s mainly what you will taste in this custard, where its excellent vanilla top note and velvety body ride all throughout the vape. It’s not as thick as I wanted my custard to be, which was expected, so I decided to lift it up in its body. And I also felt there wasn’t enough of a “dairy” note, so I added one in. But other than that, I didn’t want to distract too much from the Holy Vanilla so I kept the recipe as stripped back as possible.

INW Custard: This is the “body” enhancement I used. I chose INW Custard because I found it does a great job of adding a touch of that eggy/buttery body, without any of that oily flavor that comes from other, more richer custards. And it has a brighter vanilla, similar to DIYFS flavoring, which means it won’t drag the top note down.

CAP NY Cheesecake: This is to add that missing dairy note. I went with 3% because it’s a lighter flavor, and at 3% it adds a bit of fluffiness, without too much extra flavor. It seems to work out excellently, especially when paired with these two, and topped with a bit of sweetener.

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  1. Can someone let me know where I can purchase the “DIYFS Holy Vanilla” flavoring?
    I would greatly appreciate it.

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