DIYorDIE Now On Twitch!

So What’s the Deal?

If you’ve been following DIYorDIE for the past week, you’ll notice I’ve been streaming a lot more on both YouTube and Twitch lately. I’ve streamed to Twitch before, but never with DIYorDIE. The reason I bring this up is because I want you to know I’m making more of a push toward live shows.


Well just looking at the numbers, the Live Shows are quite popular. They aren’t as big as produced top lists, for example “Top 10 TFA Flavors”. But they do consistently well, and I think it’s because of how interactive they are. A lot of new mixers just want their questions answered, and a lot of experience mixers just want to chat about mixing and their recipes. The Live Shows allow for this.

What’s up With Twitch?

So going back to the first question, if I’m going to make streaming more present in the content delivery, then Twitch just makes sense. Twitch is MUCH more user friendly for Live shows. YouTube is fine, but there’s a lot more features and interactivity that’s present on Twitch, that isn’t on YouTube. For instance, the chat can post links, partake in native polls, partake in other surveys (like for recipe ideas, or flavor notes), you can listen on mobile without keeping the app open (for driving or saving battery), and that’s not too mention it looks and sounds a bit better on Twitch. So that’s why I’m hoping you head there and engage with DIYorDIE Live from Twitch, rather than YouTube.

What Does This All Mean?

So what I’m planning is a mix between both produced vids and streaming, something I’ve always done before. Just now, more of a 50/50 split. Nothing else really changes. I will still stream Live to YouTube, for those who don’t want to use Twitch for one reason or another, but I will also be using all of those fun features on Twitch. So in order to get the most out of the streams, I encourage you follow on Twitch.

I hope that you enjoy this slightly different move from DIYorDIE. Of course, any feedback, questions, or concerns, feel free to leave them down below. I’ll be sure to take everything into account, and ultimately, I will go where you all want me to go.



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