Let’s Mix: Carrot Cake – DIY E-liquid Recipe

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Back on the Carrot

So over the weekend I was able to dive head first into my bottle of VT Carrot Cake. After a bunch of testing and recipe tweaking, I was able to craft up a delicious, and simple carrot cake recipe that I think many of you will enjoy. The recipe is basically centered around VT Carrot Cake as the foundation, with only a few flavorings used to help lift up its good parts, and hide its bad. What you’re left with is a dense and moist carrot cake infused with light spice, topped with vanilla icing. What is best about it is that it holds that “carrot cake essence” we know and love, but also is fun and easy to vape. I don’t think it’s perfect though, and tweaks will be made, but this is a great starting point.

The Recipe

Carrot Cakes


This is a carrot cake recipe, meant to be given to the Carrot Cake Man. An elusive mystical figure who travels around Philadelphia, making lucky patrons happy with his wondrous Carrot cake. Made on: "Let's Mix: Carrot Cake" https://youtu.be/m-i9bXWHFb0


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FW Butter Cream     0.5%OOO Bread Pudding     2%TPA Greek Yogurt     3%VT Carrot Cake     5%

Total Flavor: 11%

Flavor Notes:

VT Carrot Cake: Like I mentioned previously, this is (almost) the entire recipe. Vape Train did a fantastic job of recreating that definitive flavor that comes from a sweet carrot cake. That sweet carrot note is present, but doesn’t dominate the recipe, and must be tended to carefully, as to not distract from it, since it is subtle. Then there’s the dense, cakey body, which packs a touch of texture and a vibrant brown sugar infusion. Last, there’s this light finish of what I think is vanilla spice, which we’ll exploit to make into an icing. At 5%, you’re getting everything you need from this flavoring.

TFA Greek Yogurt: So this is the ingredient I’m using to exploit that vanilla note in the VT Carrot Cake. Instead of going with something heavier, like a custard, or something richer, like Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, I wanted something that would add a touch more body to the vanilla, and the vanilla only, without drowning out the carrot cake. This does that very well. But the best part about it, is its yogurty/cheesy finish. I was able to use that, and bend it in a way to emulate more of a cream cheese icing/vanilla icing blend. When you pair Greek Yogurt at 3% up with bakeries, it brings that tanginess down a notch, then slam it with sweetness, and you have a very close emulation of cream cheese vanilla icing.

OOO Bread Pudding: Next was looking to beef up the body of the recipe. Again, I opted for a lighter flavoring to do the trick. One that could hold its own against some heavier notes, but not distract. This was the best option. Using it at 2% just lends its light fluffy yellow cakey body to the mix, which will help pad out the mids. Without it, the mix is a bit flat and linear. This helps to add back that depth. If you’re looking for a richer, deeper carrot cake, I’m sure another bakery would work better. But for now, this was the best I’ve found.

FW Butter Cream: Last, we have the secret weapon. FW Butter Cream at 0.5% is really the glue that holds everything together, and lifts everything up a notch. That caramel-butterscotch-like creaminess that’s in this flavor tends to take on a light bakery note. So I wanted to see if adding that in this recipe would help lift up the body a touch, lift up the carrot a touch, lift up the vanilla a touch, and sweeten everything…a touch. And luckily, it does exactly that.



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