European Tobacco ft. Fear, ChemicalBurnVictim [ Noted: Ep. 90 ]

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Flavor Notes:

Flavor Name Notes Time 
Euro Flavors Tobaccos The Orient Tobacco black is good, tastes like a cedar chest. The American Blend Blue tastes pretty similar  06 
Jungle Flavors Tobacco Really good RY4 Double, real tobacco note to it, kind of toasty. One of the best RY4’s out there, very clean. Real hard crack caramel taste and no dirt and no ash  14 
Molinberry Tobacco Ash Cigar has a really synthetic smokey taste but there are better options out there for that as well  18 
FA Soho Has a very good caramel and vanilla note and no smoke or tobacco taste to it.  20 
FA RY4 Not very good or worth it, when there are other better options out there  22 
FA Shade Dirty cooked vegetables  2 29 
FA Black Fire Tastes like smoke, and the smoke specifically that comes off of smoked meats  31 
INW Black for Pipe Amazing, one of those dark tobacco pipe blends with no off notes. Not a ton of complexity but it is excellent at what it does  53 
INW French Pipe Really good but you have to be careful of the dry scratchy note that builds if you use it higher than necessary. It’s a nice toasty tobacco with hints of vanilla and it has a little bite to it  62 
INW AM4A Really good, darker, spicey and not a lot of tobacco to it 1 65 
INW Tobacco Falcon Eye A nice spice note, more like a ginger, sort of a pear like body of sweetness to it and plenty of tobacco  to it  74 
INW Peanut Tobacco Like a darker roasted peanut  82 
INW Tobacco Symphony Tastes like peanut shells  84 
INW Garuda  Grassy and tastes like a cheap cigar  85 
INW Wild Rose Floral like rose water with no tobacco   

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